Bring the best of online shopping
into the physical store

Imagine walking into a store and the screens that are near to you automatically
show products that match your personal profile and purchase history!

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Scala Instore Re-Targeter

Optimized Shopper Experience

The data you gather from past search & shopping patterns and campaign activities can help you understand your audience better and improve & harmonize your website & in-store messaging and offerings.

Scala Instore Re-Targeter

Automated Messaging

Shoppers that visited your site are reminded of their search history once they enter your store, either through messages on their phone or displays in the shop… or both. Your second chance to market again to that user specifically.

Scala Instore Re-Targeter

Personalized Localized Communication

You can fully personalize messages based on the purchase & online search history of your customer and their customer value. These messages and offers can vary per (micro-)location within the store.

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Bring the best of online shopping into the physical store.